THP 014 – Rebecca Coomes on Overcoming A Lifelong Struggle With IBS Through Treating SIBO

Rebecca Coomes

Rebecca Coomes is the founder of the website and coaching program, The Healthy Gut.

After suffering a lifetime of IBS-like symptoms she finally found an answer when she was diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).

This gave Rebecca the energy and momentum to address other areas of her health and since then she has been on a mission to help other people that are suffering from digestive disorders.

Rebecca has written 2 cookbooks that have recipes designed around Nirala Jacobi’s Biphasic Diet for treating SIBO.

In this interview, we talk about Rebecca’s journey to health and how she is now inspired to help others.

Getting In Touch With Rebecca


Social: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Books: SIBO Family Favorites Cookbook  | SIBO Summer Cookbook

SIBO Symposium:

Show Notes

[2:02] – Rebecca’s struggle with IBS symptoms
[4:48] – The challenges of not be understood when you have IBS
[8:30] – Finally getting to the root of Rebecca’s IBS through SIBO diagnosis and treatment
[10:23] – The Naturopath who helped Rebecca through her recovery, Natalie Cruttenden  of Resonance Therapy
[13:21] – Bloating and IBS/SIBO
[16:00] – Life on the other side of SIBO treatment
[20:02] – The bigger picture in healing from IBS/SIBO, recognising stress and addressing past traumas
[26:00] – When friends and family find it hard dealing with YOUR changes
[28:00] – Rebecca’s Healthy Gut coaching service
[37:50] – SIBO Family Favorites cookbook
[42:00] – Embracing food rather than fearing it when you have disordered digestion
[44:20] – Food and eating post-IBS/SIBO treatment