THP 015 – Testing and Diagnosing SIBO in Australia with Nirala Jacobi


Nirala Jacobi is a US trained and certified Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.

Nirala specialises in the treatment of digestive disorders, in particular, SIBO and IBS. She is the chief medical officer for the SIBO testing facility in Australia that can be found through the website

Nirala is arguably the leading expert on the topic of SIBO in Australia and in this episode we talk about the testing, interpretation of test results, and the treatment of SIBO.

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Show Notes

[4:03] – How Nirala first became interested in SIBO

[10:19] – Diagnosing methane dominant SIBO and the challenges this presents

[18:08] – SIFO (small intestinal fungal overgrowth) a very common concomitant condition with SIBO

[19:36] – Should you retest for SIBO after SIBO treatment

[22:05] – Some of the things that patients will tell you that are a red flag for a possible SIBO diagnosis

[24:26] – If SIBO symptoms are clear should one bother testing for SIBO or just do a SIBO treatment protocol?

[25:44] – Nirala Jacobi’s Biphasic Diet for SIBO

[29:04] – SIBO treatment success rates and SIBO relapse after treatment

[29:46]Dr. Mullen from Johns Hopkin University

[32:31] – Underlying factors that can cause SIBO

[34:24]Alyssa Tait, a practitioner that works with SIBO with underlying complications of adhesions

[37:07]Martin Blazer missing microbes

[37:58] – Silent SIBO or SIBO that does present with the classic digestive symptoms of SIBO

[39:03]Dr Lyn Patrick

[44:22]The SIBO Summit hosted my Nirala in October, 2016

[46:20] – Nirala Jacobi’s podcast on the topic of SIBO launching at the end of October, sign up for notifications here