THP 005: The Challenges For MD’s Working Holistically Within A Conventional Medical System


Dr. Nijole Lloyd is not your typical, practice inside the box type GP. Before she even graduated she was fortunate to be introduced and mentored by doctors who were practicing in an integrative way and this shaped the way she has practiced from the very beginning of her career as a doctor.

Nijole currently works at Integrative Health Solutions in Adelaide, Australia. This medical center at the time of this recording has 6 Integrative Doctors and 17 Allied Health professionals covering a very wide range of therapies.

Dr. Lloyd offers a wide range of treatments including; bio-identical hormone therapy, anti-aging medicine, prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma & stem cell therapy, detoxification/chelation therapy, nutritional medicine, intravenous therapies and she is currently studying functional medicine in great depth.

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Show Notes:

[3:52] – What inspired Nijole to study medicine

[5:69] – How general practice is changing

[7:42] –  The point where Dr. Lloyd started looking into less conventional ways to practice medicine

[15:20] –  Health optimization  versus disease management

[16:15] – Nijole’s views on different lab tests

[19:48] –  The problems of practice outside the norm

[24:01] – Integrative Health Solutions medical practice

[ 28:33] – The importance of listening to patients

[33:53] – The things that have contributed to Nijole’s health