THP: 010 Dr. Michael Ruscio on Over-testing and Over-treating in Functional Medicine


Dr. Michael Ruscio runs a Functional Medicine practice in Walnut Creek California and consults with clients from all corners of the globe.

Over the years in practice, Dr. Ruscio has boiled down what works best for his patients in terms of testing and treatment. In this episode, we discuss why ordering too many tests initially can be confusing for the practitioner, expensive for the client, and worst of all…ineffective as an approach.

Dr. Ruscio bases his approach to treatment on the scientific literature that is available and is currently doing clinical research on the treatment of SIBO. He is also in the process of writing a book and has a busy speaking schedule.

Getting In Touch With Dr. Ruscio

Clinic: 43 Quail Ct., Ste. 107
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Phone: 1-800-335-7009 or (925) 705-7454


Show Notes:

[3:30] – Dr. Ruscio’s story of how he was introduced to Functional Medicine. The Phoenix Helix Podcast, Infections and Autoimmunity.

[7:25] – The importance of understanding the connection between functional medicine education and the labs that often provide this education.

[10:32] – The trap of running too many tests thinking this will lead to better treatment outcomes.

[12:00] – One of the first tests Dr. Ruscio stopped doing (and hasn’t done in over 2 years) and surprisingly, is now getting better results.

[17:05] – The importance of a treatment hierarchy.

[27:00] – The initial testing most likely to be performed in Dr. Ruscio’s clinic.

[33:00] – The Challenges of interpreting SIBO test results

[41:00] – Manipulation of the microbiota

[52:35] – Diversity and density of the microbiota RHR: Fecal Microbiota Transplants — An Update with Glenn Taylor

[57:00] – Dr. Ruscio talk at the SIBO Symposium, June 4-5, 2016