THP 025: Dr. Ruscio, Future of Functional Medicine Review

Dr. Michael Ruscio is a practitioner, researcher, & speaker in the field of functional medicine.

His area of interest and specialty is on the topic of GUT health. He is also a strong advocate for a minimalistic approach to functional medicine and likes to push the boundaries of doing the least for the best possible outcome.

In this episode, we talk about his latest practitioner training resource; Future of Functional Medicine Review and go into depth on the January edition which can be accessed for free as a trial by going to

Getting In Touch With Doctor Ruscio

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Show Questions:

[0:50] – I know you’ve been working hard these days, what’s your clinic load like these days?
[2:32] – What do you do with your clinic space the days when you are not in your practice?
[3:54] – Working in a practice where you see clients in person and also clients via the web, which model do you prefer and can you see yourself moving to an exclusively online model?
[5:51] – How’s your book on gut health coming along?
[10:33] – You released the Future of Functional Medicine Review earlier this year, could you tell us what it is about?
[14:38] – January edition of the Future of Functional Medicine Review and how it highlighted the effectiveness of a minimalistic approach to functional medicine.
[19:01] – In the case study presented you used a glucose SIBO breath test and I wanted to get your opinion on the differences between glucose and lactulose as a substrate for a SIBO breath test?
[21:46] – The pros and cons of using glucose and lactulose for a SIBO breath test…
[23:17] – Research paper from the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility – “Effects of varying dietary content of fermentable short-chain carbohydrates on symptoms, fecal microenvironment, and cytokine profiles in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.”
[34:55] – Reducing FODMAPS seems to greatly reduce IBS symptoms but I wonder if people do this and get relief, could they possibly not investigate a possible SIBO infection and stay on a low-FODMAP diet for an extended period of time and what are the consequences on the health of the microbiome?
[40:29] – Research paper from the Journal of Hormone and Metabolic Research – “Anti-Thyroperoxidase Antibody Levels > 500 IU/ml Indicate a Moderately Increased Risk for Developing Hypothyroidism in Autoimmune Thyroiditis”;
[49:10] – Why treating to lab ranges is not always necessary
[55:00] – What is the cost to join the Future of Functional Medicine Review Newsletter?