THP 021: Dr Brooke Stuart on Transforming People’s Lives Through Holistic Counseling


Dr. Brooke Stuart is a Holistic Counselor & Functional medicine practitioner based in central Florida.

Brooke’s specialty is helping people to transform their lives by looking at, learning from, letting go of, and growing through the challenges that life brings. She does this by combining holistic counseling & functional medicine.

Brooke also facilitates people’s transformations through an online course she created called Let Go & Grow.

Getting In Touch With Brooke

Website:  | www.letgoandgrow

Social: Facebook  |  Twitter

Show Notes:

[ 2:15] – Brooks transformation story
[10:05] – Brooks study of psychology
[11:24]Dr. Gio Valiante Golf psychologist, Fearless Golf
[13:41] – Ramey Wood Holistic Counselor
[15:14] – Holistic Counselling vs conventional counseling
[18:41] – Brooke’s Online program Let Go & Grow
[23:02] – Brook’s Holistic Counseling Practice in Central Florida
[30:02] – The importance of being in the present moment
[34:46] – Functional Medicine combined with holistic counseling