THP 007: Building A Successful Nutrition Consulting Business Through Referrals

Brent Boswell

Brent Boswell is a Nutrition Consultant at the Modern Life Nutrition Clinic. He has built a bricks & mortar clinic in Huntington Beach where he sees an average of 150 clients per week.

Although Brent has excellent results with helping people lose weight and keep it off, as he explains in this episode, that the weight is more often than not,  a symptom of a deeper, underlying imbalance and when this is addressed, the weight loss is a great byproduct of treatment.

In this episode, we also discuss Brent’s approach to building a busy practice within five years that was based purely on referrals.

How To Get In Touch With Brent Boswell

Clinic Address:
16511 Goldenwest St. Suite 105 Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Clinic Phone: 



Show Notes:

[1:30] – How Brent got started as a nutrition consulting business

[10:00] – The importance of assessing the individual and crafting a nutrition plan that will work for the person and is a plan they can realistically follow

[14:25] – The importance quick wins when working with clients

[15:49] – Setting expectations for clients

[17:45] – The challenges of making changes to nutrition and lifestyle

[22:14] – The importance of stress management and sleep in weight loss

[26:00] – Getting to the point where clients are no longer focusing on weight loss

[29:25] – How to build a thriving nutrition consulting practice

[30:40] – The beauty of a referral based business

[33:00] – The key lesson Brent learned from his father who had a long career as a chiropractor

[36:00] – The importance of implementing systems in your practice

[40:10] – Using frameworks in your systems. Sam Carpenter’s book, Work The System

[46:00] – Helping patients gradually and meeting them where they are at rather and trying to do too much too soon

[49:40] – Brent’s mentors and influencers

[54:30] – Personal strategies that Brent uses to stay healthy

[57:25] – Inversion boots