THP 028: Bella Lindemann On The Connection Between Travel & Chronic Digestive Issues

Bella Lindemann is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner who helps people with chronic digestive issues. She specialises in helping people that have developed these issues after travelling to a developing country.

In this episode, we talk about the years of struggle Bella had with her health after a nasty food poisoning event in Africa. It was only after finding a functional medicine practitioner that she was able to move in the right direction and start seeing some results. Her journey back to full health took 5 years and included her remodelling every aspect of her life.

After recovering her health, Bella went on to study functional medicine and is now helping others get their health back. We spend a lot of time talking about what you can do leading up to a trip, what to do to avoid getting sick when travelling, and what to do if you do get sick, and how to return to full health once home.

Getting In Touch With Bella

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Phone:  +61 438 187 605

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Show Notes:
[0:52] – How Bella became a health consultant
[3:43 ]– What was the timeframe from the food poisoning event to your health deteriorating significantly?
[5:59] – What dietary changes did you make to try and recover your health?
[8:20] – How many doctors Bella saw before getting some answers
[9:04]Tracey Randell IBS Clinic in the UK
[13:10] – How long did it take to recover your health once you had identified some of the underlying causes?
[15:25] – The diet that worked best for Bella when she was really unwell with a lot of digestive discomforts
[19:16] – After recovering her health Bella studied Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
[20:33]Alison Vickery on Histamine Intolerance
[21:40]The Travel Belly Bible
[22:09] – Preparing to visit a developing country
[23:16] – Water purification products: Lifestraw straw and water bottle,
Fill2Pure stainless steel water bottle with filter
[30:35] – Steps to take to prevent getting sick and what to do if you do
[32:35] – What symptoms you should look out for after returning from a trip and what to do if you are not feeling well
[39:17] – What the process of working with Bella looks like
[47:46]Nirala Jacobi’s podcast, The SIBO Doctor
[50:37] – Jesse Lindemann –