THP 009: Ashley Grosch, A Health Coach Leading by Example

Ashley Grosch is a mother of 4 boys, runs a 5-acre permaculture farm, has a natural skincare range, sells produce at local farmers markets, has 25 families who regularly visit her farm to pick their vegetables.

She also has an extensive knowledge of essential oils and has an “oil tribe” with over 1000 members.

Ashley is a functional nutrition & health coach and is currently studying with Chris Kresser in his ADAPT functional medicine course. She works with a small number of clients so she can provide the care and attention required to help them make meaningful and lasting change.

Getting In Touch With Ashley

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Show Notes:

[2:40] – Ashley’s first exposure to conservation driven farming

[5:00 ]– Deployment as a naval officer while having a 6-month old baby boy

[7:20] – The spark that started Ashley’s foray into permaculture

[10:47] – How Ashley become interested in functional medicine

[15:01] – Chris Kresser ADAPT training course for practitioners

[16:05] – Ashley’s consultation/coaching workflow

[23:10] – The Farmacy

[26:25] – Ashley’s natural skincare range

[29:05] – Young Living Oils

[31:05] – Ashley’s use of essential oils in practice

[39:10] – The use of oil maps to help patients