THP 018: Angela Pifer on Why Treating SIBO Alone May Not Be Enough


Angela Pifer, Ms, FMN, is a licensed Certified Nutritionist and Functional Medical practitioner with over 11 years in practice.

She runs a thriving private practice, specializing in SIBO. She helps her patients see the whole picture. Symptoms are simply symptoms – a symptom of a larger issue. She takes a step back to figure out where these symptoms are coming from and addresses the body as a whole.

She teaches each of her patients the physiology of what is going on in their system. Once they understand this to the degree that they can explain it to their friends and family members, this motivates them to work on things because now, it makes sense to them. They are able to connect the dots between what is happening between their system and their symptoms.

In September 2016, she launched, a low FODMAP and SIBO recipe manager with over 500 tasty recipes.

In this episode, we talk about SIBO as a secondary condition which usually has a deeper underlying cause.

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Show Notes:

[2:18] – Some of the misconceptions around SIBO that could be stopping people from recovery
[2:38]Misconception #1 – SIBO is the primary cause of a person’s problem when often it’s a secondary condition
[4:46]Misconception #2 – Diet can treat SIBO
[12:20] – Some of the common underlying causes that could be contributing to SIBO
[12:32] – Food poisoning leading to autoimmune SIBO
[18:13] – IBS check test which tests for vinculin antibodies
[19:17]Clear Passage – the service Angela refers patients to if she suspects adhesions are part of the SIBO picture
[25:19] – Do gas levels and symptoms correspond with SIBO
[30:40] – The reason Angela choose to offer a premium treatment package as a way of treating SIBO patients
[38:20] – Angela’s main sources of information and inspiration on the topic of SIBO
[38:39] – facebook SIBO Support Group
[39:14] –  SIBO symposium
[39:47]Dr. Mark Pimentel 
[42:02] – Dietary considerations with SIBO
[42:12]Gut RX Gurus – FODMAP Recipe Manager and affiliate program for referring practitioners