THP 006: Gum Disease & Holistic Health From A Veteran Periodontists Perspective


Dr. Alvin Danenberg is a periodontist with more than 4 decades of clinical experience who practices holistic dentistry.

In 2006, Dr. Danenberg had a stroke and part of his journey back to health was learning more deeply about nutrition and lifestyle. Through this experience, it became clear that his patients dental problems weren’t happening in isolation and so he started incorporating holistic care into his practice.

In this conversation, we discuss gums disease and how Dr. Danenberg is using laser therapy (LANAP) to help his patients heal from this. We also discuss health in general and how important the gut is for not just dental health but the overall health of the person.

How To Get In Touch With Dr. Danenberg:


Show Notes:

[4:30] – Gum disease & periodontitis

[7:16] – How Dr. Danenberg got into dentistry in the late 60’s

[12:17] – Nutritional studies in dentistry in 1970’s

[14:40] – How having a stroke began the change in how he practices dentistry

[20:55] – The association between gum disease and heart disease

[34:58] – Bone regeneration as a result of LANAP treatment

[39:09] – Dr. Danenberg’s personal health routine

[43:28] – Tip for being successful as a clinician