Listen In On Conversations With Successful Clinicians To Find Out:

  • What got them into the healthcare profession
  • What they are treating regularly & what's working for them
  • How they structure their business
  • What areas in their field are exciting them most at the moment
  • Who their sources of learning and inspiration are

...and whatever else arises relating to the daily life of a holistic healthcare professional.

Recent Episodes:

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Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz is a holistic health coach who uses a functional medicine approach to helping her clients recover their health.[...]
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John Coleman made a remarkable recovery from Parkinson's disease, and as a qualified naturopathic practitioner is helping others do the same. John[...]
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Dr. Brooke Stuart is a Holistic Counselor & Functional medicine practitioner based in central Florida. Brooke's specialty is helping people[...]
Dr. Joanne McCormack was recently awarded the prestigious Royal College of General Practitioners Mersey Faculty prize for her work helping[...]
Susan Birch has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and is one of New Zealand's leading fitness professionals.[...]
Angela Pifer, Ms, FMN, is a licensed Certified Nutritionist and Functional Medical practitioner with over 11 years in practice. She[...]
Laura Paris is a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner. In this interview, we talk about her experiences going through[...]
Alyssa Tait is a physiotherapist and a naturopath that has a unique set of skills allowing her to work with[...]
Nirala Jacobi is a US trained and certified Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia. Nirala specialises in the treatment[...]
Rebecca Coomes is the founder of the website and coaching program, The Healthy Gut. After suffering a lifetime of IBS-like[...]
Chris York is a licensed osteopath practicing in Ahuriri, Napier, New Zealand. Chris practiced as a traditional osteopath for nearly a[...]
Dr. Tommy Wood is a qualified medical doctor (BA BM Bch), graduating from Oxford University in 2011. He has a[...]
Evan Brand is a functional medicine practitioner who runs his virtual wellness clinic from home and helps people from all[...]
Dr. Michael Ruscio runs a Functional Medicine practice in Walnut Creek California and consults with clients from all corners of[...]
Ashley Grosch is a mother of 4 boys, runs a 5-acre permaculture farm, has a natural skincare range, sells produce at[...]
Chris Kelly is the Co-Founder of Nourish Balance Thrive (nbt), a functional medicine practice that specializes in helping athletes optimize their[...]
Brent Boswell is a Nutrition Consultant at the Modern Life Nutrition Clinic. He has built a bricks & mortar clinic in[...]
Dr. Alvin Danenberg is a periodontist with more than 4 decades of clinical experience who practices holistic dentistry. In 2006, Dr. Danenberg[...]
Dr. Nijole Lloyd is not your typical, practice inside the box type GP. Before she even graduated she was fortunate[...]
Dr. Anita Sadaty is a full-time, Board Certified, attending physician practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology at North Shore University Hospital in[...]
Leanne Scott is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach, Gluten Practitioner, Fitgenes Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and[...]
Emma is a fully qualified Naturopath, having completed four years of training in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Homoeopathy as well[...]
Michael Smith is a N.D. BHSC (Naturopathy) who has a passion for health and fitness. He loves working with athletes,[...]